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Setup – Mac OSX

Dial-Up Internet Setup in MAC OS X

What you need before you start:

A MAC with OS X.

A modem that is connected to a phone line.

An Internet Dial-Up account through BentonREA’s PowerNET

An account information sheet with your username, password.

This guide will walk you through configuring Macintosh OSX to connect to the Internet.

Click on the Apple menu then System Preferences.


Click on the icon labeled Network.

Select the modem that you are using.

For number, type in the dial-up number that is a local call from your location:

786-1023 Prosser Digital 56k V.92

836-5616 Sunnyside Digital 56k V.92

865-1828 Toppenish Digital 56k V.92

497-4026 Tri-Cities Digital 56k V.92

469-1199 Yakima Digital 56k V.92

Under Account Name, type in the user name that you chose when you signed up for PowerNET. Your username should be typed in all small (lower case) letters.

Your user name would be the first part of your PowerNET e-mail address before the “” part of your e-mail address.

Under password enter the password you were assigned when you setup your PowerNET Account. Your password is case sensitive. Please make sure that caps-lock is not enabled.

Close the network configuration window.

Your computer will automatically dial-up to PowerNET to establish an Internet connection using the connection settings that you have provided whenever an Internet application is used. You will see a connection status window appear as you are getting connected. If you see a status window that tells you that you are connected to the Internet (with an option to disconnect), then you should be able to surf the Internet.

Some Internet applications have a work offline mode that may prevent an automatic connection to the Internet when using these applications. To get out of the “work offline” mode, open your Internet application, select File and click on Work offline if it has a check mark next to it or select Work Online if you see this option instead.

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