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Setup – Windows 7/Vista

Dial-Up Internet Setup in Windows 7 / Vista

What you need before you start:

A computer running Windows 7/Vista.

A modem that is connected to a phone line.

An Internet Dial-Up account through BentonREA’s PowerNET

An account information sheet with your username, password and e-mail address.


1.      Click the Windows Logo at the bottom left of your desktop.


2.      Click on “Connect To”


3.      Click on “Set up a connection or network”


4.      Click on “Set up a dial-up connection”, then click Next.


5.      In the box labeled “Dial-up phone number:”, enter the Access Number for your area.

786-1023 – Prosser
836-5616 – Sunnyside
497-4026 – W. Richland / Tri-Cities / Benton City
469-1199 – Yakima
865-1828 – Toppenish

6.      In the box labeled “User Name:”, enter the user name you were given when you signed up for an account.

7.      In the box labeled “Password:”, enter the password given to you when you signed up for the account.

8.      In the box labeled “Connection name”, enter PowerNET.

9.      Click the “Create” button.

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