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Broadband Internet Access Service

Benton REA’s PowerNET offers a reliable, high-speed Internet service targeted to the rural areas that otherwise do not have access to broadband. We believe in providing a service that performs as advertised. Our advertised prices include no additional fees, and we build our network to provide the speeds advertised even during peak times.
What is Wireless Broadband Internet Access?
Wireless Internet access is point-to-point wireless high-speed broadband Internet access using wireless radio telecommunications technology. PowerNET’s locally owned and controlled wireless service currently provides the Yakima Valley with the speed of broadband Internet service, without the limitations of using copper, fiber, or cable lines or wires to your home or business.
How fast is it?
PowerNET wireless broadband Internet access includes accounts with speeds that start at 2 Mbps download. That is roughly 40 times the speed of dial-up and can be fast enough to stream Netflix or browse all of your favorite websites at the speed they should be viewed. With lower latency than satellite, our wireless Internet also works for gaming.
Is it easy to sign up and use PowerNET’s Wireless Broadband Internet Access?
YES. PowerNET’s Broadband Internet Access wireless service eliminates the run-around that can be associated with broadband Internet service. With PowerNET wireless, all of the Internet service at your home or business is provided by Benton REA’s PowerNET: a locally owned service, with a locally operated and maintained wireless network with local offices and resellers as well as local and friendly technical support that is available to provide you with the highest quality service possible. Other broadband services may use multiple sources to provide the communications and Internet Service Provider components to Internet access service, which can be both confusing and frustrating for customers.
What is the difference between PowerNET Wireless Broadband Internet Access and other broadband services like DSL?
The main difference between PowerNET Wireless and DSL is that DSL requires a telephone line or circuit to be installed at your home, while the PowerNET wireless system usually requires that one plastic radio antenna be installed at your home or business with a single cable run from the antenna to your computer. This antenna is installed by local PowerNET personnel, and our local PowerNET service technicians will respond if any problems arise with the antenna. There must be line-of-sight from your home or business location to a PowerNET wireless access point in order to effectively utilize the PowerNET wireless service. PowerNET will provide you with the results of a line-of-sight signal test to a PowerNET wireless access point free of charge. PowerNET also provides our users with a concise and easy to read billing invoice that does not contain any confusing add-ons for governmental taxes or surcharges. We try our best to keep things simple for you, our valued customer.
Do I need a phone line to use the PowerNET Wireless Broadband Internet access service?
NO, you do not need a phone line. The PowerNET wireless system operates on a local PowerNET-owned wireless network that is totally separate from the phone company. Any phone lines installed at your location can be used to accept calls at the same time you are on the Internet with PowerNET.
Can I connect more than one computer at a time with PowerNET’s Wireless Broadband Internet Access?
Yes! Multiple computers located at your business or residence can surf the Internet simultaneously with a properly configured Ethernet Router. For your convenience, you can purchase the proper router for your system directly from PowerNET, and PowerNET will configure the router for you.
Can I have more than one Email address associated with my PowerNET Wireless Broadband Internet Access account?
Yes! All standard PowerNET Wireless Internet Accounts include up to three Email accounts for no extra charge.
How do I get the PowerNET broadband wireless service?
The process is very easy. Call PowerNET at 509-786-4004 or 1-800-398-1232, select option 1, and tell us that you are interested in scheduling a PowerNET Wireless signal test. A PowerNET Wireless technician will visit your home or business to perform a free site survey to test for signal strength to the nearest PowerNET wireless access point. If the signal test determines that your home or business has good signal and line-of-sight to a PowerNET access point, you are ready for an install.
Is PowerNET’s Wireless Broadband Internet Access secure?
YES. PowerNET has implemented FOUR levels of encryption security in order to protect your privacy.

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