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Setup E-Mail – Mac OSX

What you need before you start:

A MAC with OS 10 or similar.

A modem that is connected to a phone line.

An Internet Dial-Up account through BentonREA’s PowerNET

An account information sheet with your username, password and e-mail address.

Adding/Creating an e-mail account in OS 10:

1. Click the Mail Logo in the bottom bar.

2. Click “Mail” in the top bar.

3. Click “Preferences”.

4. Click “Add Account” to create a new e-mail account

If you already have an account setup with another ISP, you can remove it while in this dialog.

5. Enter all your user information from the information provided to you when you signed up for your Internet account.

Description: Could be the name of your ISP or your e-mail address

Email Address: Should be the e-mail address provided in your information.

Full Name: This will be the name people will see when they get e-mail from you.

Incoming Mail Server: This should be

User Name: This is the User Name provided in your information.

Password: This is the password provided in your information.

You will need to add an Outgoing Mail Server.

To do this click on the Options button.

6. Enter the Outgoing Mail Server:

You should be able to leave the rest of the settings in their default state. Click OK to continue.

7. Click OK to complete the E-mail settings setup.

8. Click the Red Dot in the upper right corner to close the Accounts Dialog.

Click the “Get Mail” Icon to test your mail settings.

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